QPL Learning Series: Information for Invitees

This post provides information for invitees to the Queens Podcast Lab Learning Series. This is a Zoom-based university seminar that invites experts and media professionals to share their wisdom and experience with aspiring content creators. These seminars give people a backstage look at the world of content creation and the media industry, and hopefully impart wisdom that can help students succeed in their own careers. Click here to visit this series’ web page, and read about our inaugural semester here.

The format for our seminar is a semi-structured informal discussion via Zoom. QPL faculty will invite prospective guests with knowledge and experience that can help inform our understanding of content creation and creative enterprise management. We will send guests a list of topics that solicit personal stories, opinions, or words of wisdom related to their professional or research experience related to digital content creation. On recording day, we meet on Zoom with our faculty and students (simulcast to YouTube Live and archived in audio to the podcast Pod Scholarship). A moderator will ask the prearranged questions and participants will ask follow-up questions. Visit our YouTube page to get a sense of the seminars.

If you have been invited to the series and have any questions, please contact Professor Joseph Cohen at joseph.cohen@qc.cuny.edu.

About Us

The Queens Podcast Lab (QPL) is a research and teaching collaboration that is trying to develop scholarly knowledge and university programming for aspiring content creators. We conduct research and development in the field of digital content creation and we operate educational programs for students who aspire to careers involving mass communications.

We operate from Queens College, a college in the City University of New York, which is New York City’s public university system. It is part of our organization’s mandate to create free, accessible, and high-quality scientific, arts, and educational content for the general public. We are non-profit and distribute our content freely with a Creative Commons license. Our success helps New York City’s working and middle classes by making excellent educational experiences available at the local college that charges $8,000 per year for tuition.

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