In NYC: Prof. Jamie Cohen at Meme in the Moment

Prof. Jamie Cohen will be taking part in Digital Void: Meme in the Moment Festival: Make It Snoopy in Manhattan on Wednesday, October 27 at 7PM in person at Caveat NYC or on live stream. For more information, click here.

Meme Magic. Ethically Sourced Bones. Skeletor. Dancing Pumpkins. Memes have taken center stage in the world — but are we influencing memes, or are they influencing us?

The Meme in the Moment Festival: Make it Spoopy is an interactive Halloween-themed festival with the internet’s most critical, fun, and engaging meme thinkers. We’re bringing together academics, journalists, and speakers to help us understand how memes influence our daily lives, how memes travel from the internet into physical spaces, how we can speak about them in our daily lives, and how we can strengthen our cultural immune response to memes at a moment where memes are central to discourse.

From political movements to group chats and Gamestop stocks to identifying dangerous, extremist dog whistles, the Meme in the Moment will leave you wondering what memes *really* mean in the moment, and make you consider how we can become more resilient from discussing them in physical spaces.

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