Attention Content Creators at Queens College!

Are you interested in creating content for digital media? Are you interested in creating for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, your blog, or your podcast? Queens College has offers courses, clubs, and other college experiences. New resources are expected for campus creators this coming year.

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Queens Podcast Lab. This is a group of faculty and students who are interested in content creation. They create, research, and develop learning experiences for our community. Click here to see our fall seminars. Learn about our internship opportunities.

The Knight News. A campus institution — Queens College’s newspaper. Last fall, the Knight News collaborated with the Queens Podcast Lab to develop the QC Pod, a eclectic, open-mic style podcast in the tradition of classic campus radio. Visit the Knight News website for more information.

WQMC. This fall, we hope to relaunch Queens College’s old radio station, WQMC, as a streaming platform. If you would like to help develop this club, please contact Prof Joseph Cohen at

Creator Space Coming Soon. We hope to develop a new creative facility this fall.

Interested in Learning More?

Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to join us for an introductory meeting on September 1 via Zoom. RSVP to Prof Joseph Cohen at

Classes this Fall

This fall, Queens College offers the following classes for those interested in digital content creation.

English 303W: Creative Nonfiction: Podcasting (Professor Jason Tougaw)

Podcasting has become a popular and influential medium for creative nonfiction—driving a major resurgence in audio entertainment. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of podcast creation—including script writing, interview techniques, audio production, distribution, and promotion. Students will have the opportunity to work with the Queens Podcast Lab to develop or produce podcast episodes distributed on all major platforms. As with all creative nonfiction, podcasting involves elements of craft: voice, structure, scene, description, research, and word choice. We will study these elements at work in several influential podcasts and radio shows, including Hanif Abdurraqib’s Lost Notes: 1980, Maria Garcia’s Anything for Selena, Jesse Thorn’s The Turnaround, Shankar Vedanta’s Hidden Brain, Terry Gross’s Fresh AirThe Brian Lehrer Show, Allie Ward’s Ologies, and QC POD (featuring Queens College hosts, including Jason Tougaw). The course will be taught in a hybrid form, via Zoom and on campus.

Media Studies 255: Social Media (Professor Jamie Cohen)

Social Media (MEDST 255) is designed to help students learn to use social media more effectively and purposefully in their personal and professional lives, as well as to understand social media platforms from social, political, and economic perspectives.

Sociology 3912: Content Creation Entrepreneurship Internship (Professor Joseph Cohen)

This course offers students a hands-on experience at both the creative and business side of running both startup and established content creation enterprises.  Students will learn audio-visual production, web management, social media marketing, project management, events management, and other skills through work at The Queens Podcast LabThe Annex Sociology Podcast, The QC Podand new projects being launched this fall.  The experience culminates in the student developing their own creative enterprise.  Students with at least a GPA 3.2 or a demonstrated interest in content creation can apply to this internship by contacting Professor Joseph Cohen at  Graduate credit available as well.

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