Reviewing Your Annex Episode

This post provides guidance in reviewing and requesting edits to the public release version of your episode on The Annex Sociology Podcast.

Approving Release & Requesting Deletions. It is our editorial policy that all discussion participants’ words are conveyed publicly in such a way as to accurately reflect their intended meaning. Moreover, we recognize and appreciate that, as social scientists, many guests want to be sure that they are only conveying truthful and accurate information. As such, we give all guests the opportunity to delete any part of their voice from the public release version of our shows.

Before the public release of our show with you, we will send you an edited version of your discussion that we propose for public release. If there are parts of your speech that you want to be deleted, then for each proposed edit tell us: (1) the beginning and end of the cuts (down to the second), (2) the last words that you want INCLUDED in the public version, and (3) the last words in that edit that you want EXCLUDED from the public version. The next step for you would be to review an amended copy of the sound file to ensure that the edits have been done properly.

Supplemental Links. We can post links to web sites and literature, and share information about important projects and works through our web site and social media. We are especially interested in posting links to work in which you are directly involved. Along with your approval, please forward material for us to post and promote!

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